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Ten questions to ensure you get a high-quality translation

(First published on BizCommunity – 25 MAR 2014)

You've been tasked to have a text translated into a language you don't understand a word of. You need a translation that is clear, accurate and stylistically proper, and you want to make sure you avoid any possible pitfalls in the appointment process. So, you kickstart Google and...

The alluring realm of machine translation


The thing about 'comprised of'

All editors (should) know for a fact that you say the whole 'consists of' or 'comprises' the parts; never, ever, ever, should the whole 'comprise of' the parts. This is one of those rules that are literally cast in stone. Or is it? The thing is, if no-one seems to be able to get it right, who is actually wrong? For an interesting discussion on this topic, go to