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Plain business writing course (entry 12): Planning your document

We've finished the introductory part of the business writing course now, and will be going on to the first section of the main course: Planned.

After that will follow Lean (to do with how to write using a brief, concise style); Active (using the active rather than the passive voice); Intense (what tense to use); and, finally, Nice & Neat (formatting and otherwise tidying up your document).

Rule 11: Give your reader a structure to follow.

Plain business writing course (entry 11): Summary of introduction to business writing course

So far, we've looked at some basic principles of better business writing. Before going into more detail, I would like to remind you of what we've discussed:

1. Step back and write something your READER wants to read.

2. Hold out a hook in your first sentence by giving information that will benefit your reader.

3. Motivate your reader to act by creating interest, giving the right level of knowledge, and showing a benefit.