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Invest in an SEO service that promotes your website with search engines and drives valuable people traffic to it at the same time.

We’ll tailor an SEO strategy according to your business requirements and budget, and help you attract more website visitors, even if your website isn’t at #1 on Google, Bing, or Yahoo! just yet.

View our various SEO packages and options below, and select those that fit your website. Alternatively, ask us for advice.

Basic SEO

Our basic SEO services are ideal for new websites and for existing but unoptimised websites that need to generate traffic.

SEO Keyword Research Service

SEO keyword research is the first step in any search engine optimisation strategy. It helps you determine which words potential visitors type into search engines to find websites like yours. We’ll find the keywords your ideal visitors are using, and deliver them in an easy-to-read report. These can then be integrated into your website and online marketing material at your own convenience.

Website Optimisation Service

Formally known as 'on-site SEO', we’ll integrate your keywords into your website’s meta information structures, and your website content. This gives search engines, like Google, context with which they can rank your website.

Strategic SEO

Our strategic SEO services help attract traffic to websites that already have all their keywords in place. The services in this category are supported by a custom strategy to ensure a measurable long-term outcome.

Link Building

When techies use the term 'link building', they refer to the SEO technique of getting websites to link to a target website. The more 'good links' there are to a website, the higher its ranking potential. We’ll find websites worth linking back to your own, and submit your website address to ensure better ranking potential. Our SEO link building service also includes our SEO content creation service (see below).

SEO Content Creation

There exist a multitude of techniques to attract more readers, and to generate more links to your website. Publishing content that your online visitors will find both relevant and valuable are one of the best ways to get attention from both people and search engines.

Our SEO content creation service can integrate seamlessly into any existing online marketing campaign, but can also be used for general SEO purposes. We can assist with the creation of the content types below, and combine them with professional graphic design to ensure professional appeal and 'SEO linkability':

  • Optimised website copy
  • Professional articles
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Reports
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Manuals
  • Presentations
  • Videos 

More About Our Video Offering

Research has shown that people tend to retain  about half of what they hear, especially if they only hear it once. However, they retain more than 80 per cent of what they both hear and see – even if they do only see it once.

Very many corporate and government clients know or have been told about the power of video,  but are unsure exactly how to make it work for them. They know they want a video, in other words, but they aren’t sure what to put in it, or even what is technically and creatively possible without breaking the proverbial bank. Steven Spielberg is good, but he comes at a price. And whereas ET is a nice idea, the jury’s still out on whether he’s what you need in your corporate video.

lbls is in the fortunate position of being able to discuss with its clients the message they are trying to get across, and then to help them render in visual terms something that’s accessible, accurately positioned, creative and – most of all – memorable.

When it comes to video, clients very seldom know what they want. There’s nothing wrong with that: they do what they’re good at or specialised in, and we do language and communications, which are what we’re specialists in. They know they want some sort of video presentation, but not what can be achieved. Working with a highly experienced ex-SABC permanent staff TV/video producer and radio presenter, we are in the unique position of being exactly the one-stop shop our clients need.

lbls can take charge of your video project from concept to completion – which means from the initial briefing and consultation through script development, production planning, production itself (the filming, essentially), post-production (editing, music, voice, effects) and final distribution via DVD, flash-drive, the Internet or other means, to those in your organisation or among your own clients who need to see the finished product and, based on it, make the decisions you want them to make.

Therefore, just as we are able to ensure you’re positioned exactly where you want to be and seen by a wider public as an organisation of consummate professionals in terms of the quality of your language and communications strategies, so too can lbls help you take advantage of that much higher retention statistic by crafting a video production, or a series of them.

You may be considering a single training production, or a whole structured and ongoing series of them. You may want induction videos for new members of staff in your organisation. Perhaps a public relations piece is what you need – either for the public to watch on Internet-based services such as YouTube or Vimeo, or for more targeted distribution to, let us say, those carefully selected and influential members of the broadcast, print or online media whom you feel could give you beneficial exposure … if only they understood you and your message better. And that’s one way in which video can help.

Many larger organisations – a couple of the banks and insurance companies are good examples – have set up their own in-house video production units (and taken them down again after a few years, due to cost factors and the expensive, often under-utilised creative and technical staff needed to run them). There is no doubt that, today, outsourcing is the way to go: in terms of video, lbls is able to provide specialised, expert advice,  creative and technical skills as and when you need them.

A lot goes into making a corporate video. There are generally several briefing meetings, after which a script is prepared. Because of the numerous inputs which are required, more often than not, there will probably have to be two or three script rewrites before a final form is reached that satisfies and pleases the client.

Then there is location scouting, which is a speciality in itself. Production then follows, which involves the actual filming. After that is what might be called the crux of the matter: post-production. This is an all-encompassing portmanteau term that involves editing all the footage together into a coherent, visually appealing, logical and accessible finished form that conforms to the script. Also involved at this stage are the addition of narration or voice tracks, music, any stills, logos or titling that might be required and some other technical bits and pieces.

Then you need to get the finished product out to those who need to see it. There are a number of ways of accomplishing this: either by publication on a web-based video-sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo, by putting it on DVD, or delivering on a flash-drive or external hard drive which enables you to put it on your system and make or send copies at little or no cost to whoever wants or should have them.

Why not talk to lbls about the real communications synergies to be exploited by combining the written or printed word with a really effective video campaign?

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